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Batam Hotel Booking Batam Hotel Booking

Batam Hotel Booking Batam Hotel Booking

Batam Hotel Booking Batam Hotel Booking

Batam Attractions

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Visit Batam and get a wonderful experience of all of the greatest locations

Batam IndonesiaThe attractions in Batam are of many numerous types. Being an island, this place has many sporting as well as many leisurely activities to be offered to the common public and also to the visitors and the tourists who visit this location.

The stress-free as well as the many known serene activities to be conducted here will keep you occupied all throughout the day and you will never get the opportunity to be feeling bored at all. Everything to be presented here is really the best for you. You can be with your family or you can go on an outing with all your friends. No matter what you do, you will get the best sort of entertainment in Batam.


The Barelang Bridge

Barelang Beach BatamThere are many places of attractions and also key places to be visited in Batam Island. Each of these places is highly qualified as wonderful tourist spots. One of the best things to be visited in Batam of Indonesia is the Barelang Bridge. If you have visited Batam and you have forgotten to see the bridge here, then you have clearly missed out on a really wonderful opportunity. This is a place that must be visited by all of the locals, along with all of the visitors in this wonderful location.

The three islands, Batam, Rempang and Galang are responsible for the name of this bridge combined together. This particular bridge was completed in a matter of several years as there were no roads or connections for ease of access to this bridge. A main road was also built in this bridge that runs to various locations after branching off in several lanes. There is about a 40 minute trip from the last bridge to the main location of the island.


The wonderful Waterfront City location of entertainment

Nest place that needs to be visited by every tourist in the location is the Waterfront area located in the western region of Batam. Almost all of the wonderful recreation that needs to occur always happens in this wonderful Waterfront City. There are many sort of leisurely as well as entertaining activities that one can easily get engulfed in here. Many sorts of water sporting events are perhaps the prime attractions in this wonderful location.


The wonderful beaches in the location

Batam ActivitiesThe Cable ski park, the fishing pond for tourists, a racing track for karts, a football field and many other wonderful activities are to be done here. There is also a bowling arena that has been specially designed for kids in this location. Among the several restaurants as well as bars that are located in this wonderful area, you can enjoy great food in all of them. Hence, food is never scarce when you are in Batam. This place is located quite specifically near the Holiday resort locality.

Last but not the least, the beaches in Batam is always a great source of entertainment among the crowd. The beach of Melur is still one of the beaches that have remained non-monopolized. You will do well to come here and enjoy the wonderful location with all of its major attractions.Learn more about Batam Hotel accommodation.

Famous Batam Hotels At Nagoya

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